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The Ride

Fresno, CA, United States



Mar 27 at 04:51 AM

Our three signature rides, Rush, Rhythm and Race are included in this week's new rides. Our coaches Melisa, Yadi and Nicky do an excellent work as a team to get you connected and experience 3 rides that will make it possible for you to achieve your goals and dreams.


Feb 22 at 01:50 AM

Ride together with Amanda in this 60- minute Ride Race! This workout starts with a progressive warm up, builds in the middle and at the end for greater challenge, and covers all intensity, color and power zones.

When finding time to workout is a challenge, 30- minutes is the ideal length of time to get more done so that you can get on with your day. Join Nicky and Elva Jimenez’s Rush workouts that ticks off the intensity box and HIITs the red zones


Feb 14 at 03:21 PM

Two trainers, one ride, double the fun!. Join our special Duo Rides with Shana, Sergio, Jade and Leo. This two 45- minute Ride Race and Ride Rush full of fun and togetherness are great any day when love and working out is in the air. 

Let's go TEAM! Together Each Achieves More!


Feb 07 at 05:19 AM

Just say 'yes' to working out, 'yes' to having fun and 'yes' to achieving your goals. Hop on the saddle and get ready to join Javan and Melissa for a 2 x 45-minute Rhythm Rides. Forget about what you can't do and focus on what you can do! Yes you can. 

Taught in Spanish but enjoyed in any language, new Leo’s 45-minute Ride Race is coupled with a great play list and taught with a lot of energy, this ride will inspire you to create your own riding magic.


Jan 31 at 01:32 AM

Start the clock and let's train together, fast and efficiently! Join Yadi Rodriguez and Hannah Lewin in the saddle to take on two 30- minute Ride Rush workouts pushing your pace and moving you out your confirm zone.

Amanda Lau will be your “Race Master” this week! From a gradual build to a big finish with tough work sets, you have the tenacity to pedal, sweat, smile and finish to feel the accomplishment of a great workout!


Jan 23 at 03:09 AM

Get ready for the good vibes with the two new Rhythm rides by Lluis Noguer from Mexico and Nicky Lopez from London. Two rides with sensations ranging from challenging, work well down and positive riding energy!  

Experience with Melissa Power the polar opposites of her interval designed ride with 12+ work sets at zone 5 (very hard intensity) combined with zone 2 'easy' recovery sets in just 30 minutes!.


Jan 03 at 03:41 AM

The Ride is excited to now connect to your Apple Watch!

View your health stats on your watch, use the remote feature to play and pause, plus track, save and share your activity and more.
Simple to get started.

Install the iOS app on your iPhone, and the app is automatically added to your watch. It will be listed in Installed On Apple Watch. If not installed, it's listed in Available Apps. Tap Install to add to your watch.

Are you ready to Ride? A new year. Your bike. Your way. The Ride!


Jan 01 at 04:14 AM

Happy New year 2023!!

Join The Ride new collection including "2022 TOP 15 Rides Most Watched". A unique opportunity to enjoy your favorite rides and trainers again. From the 1st to the 5th of January, 3 new rides will be available every day! Turn up the pedal volume and pick up the pace with us


Jan 01 at 04:07 AM

May you never miss a dream to fulfill, a project to accomplish, something to learn from and someone to love. Happy and Healthy 2023 from all of us at @theridebykeiser @keiserfitness


Jul 25 at 03:48 AM

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