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Top Five

The five most frequently asked questions.

Can I try The Ride out prior to purchasing?

Absolutely! Sign up at and receive a 30-day free trial!

How often are new classes available on The Ride?

New workouts are uploaded to The Ride every Monday. You can always try something new or stick with your favorites!

What classes does The Ride offer?

We offer several exciting class styles including Ride Rush, Ride Rhythm and Ride Race. The classes are 30 and 45 minutes long, of varying intensities and taught in a number of different languages. You can filter by need for easy ride selection. Shorter classes and more class types are on the horizon!

  • Ride Rush is our HIIT-inspired workout. Rush is one of our more challenging classes and is geared toward anyone who is looking for a shorter, more challenging and inspiring class. Rush formats include high intensity interval training (HIIT) focusing on short intensity sets followed by recovery sets. Experience the well-documented post-workout benefits of interval training as well as the rush of an empowering and energizing class. Get more done in less time with the Ride Rush.

  • Ride Rhythm is our beat-based workout. This signature ride format is perfect for the rider who loves to connect with the music and the energy generated from a great workout. In these classes, motivation takes the lead as you lift, move and groove to the beat of the drum and the pace of the ride. Get lost in this rhythm and be inspired to do more than you thought possible in the Ride Rhythm. The class is perfect for all levels of cyclists.

  • Ride Race is our power-focused workout. This signature ride improves power and strength with a focus on training in your correct intensity zones. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, this class is ideal for the indoor and outdoor cycling enthusiast who wants to work to achieve more than they thought possible. Race longer, climb higher and get stronger in our be-powerful Ride Race workout.

What are the different zones, and how do I know if I am doing it right?

Like any exercise program, it is always important to workout at an intensity that is right for you! Our instructors will provide you with suggestions for intensity or pedaling speed, but ultimately you should always listen to your body. There is no right or wrong way, but rather, what is right for you at that moment. You will notice on your screen a 5-zone color system. Each zone color corresponds with intensity – including a combination of power based on FTP (Functional Threshold Power), heart rate based on HRMax (Heart Rate Maximum) and rating of perceived exertion (RPE).

Zone 1 is displayed as grey. It should feel very easy.

<55% FTP. / 50-60% HRMax

Zone 2 is blue and is our light intensity zone.

56% - 75% FTP /. 60-70% HRMax

Zone 3 is green and is our moderate intensity zone. At this zone, you begin to feel some intensity.

76% - 90% FTP. / 70% - 80% HRmax

Zone 4 is the orange zone, and it will feel hard. You might be a bit breathy and feeling the intensity more in your legs as it becomes much more challenging.

90% - 105% FTP. / 80% - 90% HRmax

Zone 5, the red Zone, is the highest and most challenging zone! We don’t spend a lot of time in this zone as the intervals tend to be shorter.

106% - 150% FTP. / 90% - 100% HRMax

Regardless of the zones displayed, always work at an intensity that is best for you!

How can I cancel my subscription and what is your refund policy?

The method for cancelling your subscription and the refund policy depends on where you first signed up: through the website, or through the app:


A: You can cancel anytime, either through the Dashboard > Billing menu or by sending an email to 

Refunds on yearly subscriptions are available within 30 days of your first payment. Refunds are unavailable for subscriptions that are past the 30 day mark. We don't currently offer refunds on monthly subscriptions.


A: All payments and/or modifications to your account for In-App Subscriptions are processed through the App Store. You will need to request the refund directly from the App Store.


View or Cancel In-App Subscription: GoogleApple
Request a Refund: Google RefundApple Refund
Restore Purchase: Android & iOS: Restore Purchase

Class Content

More information on The Ride classes.

Do you have different intensities of workouts? I am new to indoor cycling.

Yes, our goal is that riders can eventually workout to all our classes, just by modifying their own intensity response. However, some classes are definitely harder than others. If you are just getting started, we suggest you try classes that are categorized as “Intensity: All Levels”. This is a great starting point! The other two intensity levels are Hard and Challenging. Every instructor teaches slightly differently though. That’s what makes each of them unique. Be sure to find your favorites.

How many languages are available for The Ride?

At The Ride, we are proud to be able to connect with an international audience. A majority of our classes are taught in English, but we also have workouts in Spanish, Dutch, German, French, with more languages coming. A great feature of The Ride is that the workout profile is shown on the screen, so you can easily follow along. You can gauge how long the next work section is and view the recommended intensity by the color line. Also, music is a great motivator in any language. We would love for you to try all the classes.

What does the graph mean on the catalog picture?

The catalog picture shows the instructor, the class type, how long the workout is, the intensity and a profile graph of the workout. The graph provides an overview of the entire workout. It shows the different color zones that you will be riding in.

I had to leave my workout early. Can I resume my last workout?

Yes, on the web platform we have a "Resume Where You Left Off" function that will show the workouts that you are currently following. Please note that this function is not yet available on the app.

What do the timers mean on the screen?

We have two different countdown timers on the screen. The timer on the left lets you know how much time is left in the entire workout. It counts down from the start of the workout until the end. The timer on the right side of the screen lets you know how long the particular set is. For example, counting down from 30 seconds before the next change happens. You will notice that there is also a zone color line underneath the timer. This helps remind you of the recommended intensity to ride at for the set amount of time displayed.

What are Globally Connected and Ride Challenge, are those classes too?

Basically, yes!

Globally Connected is a catalogue of Rhythm, Rush and Race classes that are taught in many different languages. Our talented training team will engage and inspire you in these motivating, fun and results-driven workouts. Experience the connection gained from a great workout taught in any language. Follow the rhythm, feel the pace and enjoy!

Ride Challenge provides you with a workout plan to get you started or give you that little extra push to get you back on track. Ride Challenge is a catalogue of 5 workouts that our team has selected to re-invigorate you and get you exercising with a purpose. Take the guesswork out of your training week and get started with the following personally selected Rhythm workouts (2), Rush classes (2) to challenge you further, and one Ride Race to wrap up your training.

Connecting & My Account

How to stream The Ride and tips on managing your subscription.

I would like to gift The Ride subscription to my friend. Am I able to do that?

Definitely! Look for the ‘Buy a gift card’ option at the bottom of the main website screen.

Can I stream The Ride classes to my TV?

Yes you can, you only need a Smart TV and your phone/tablet. There are quite a few options, we recommend you contact your local electronics store with the model of your Smart TV and tablet for a specific recommendation. Some options involve a third-party accessory or a native feature of your smartphone, tablet, and/or Smart TV.

Please note: Chromecast is not currently supported.

Do I need Bluetooth to use The Ride?

Use of The Ride does not require Bluetooth, just put your tablet or smartphone on the media tray and you’re ready to go!

Are multiple subscriptions needed for multiple users?

Anyone in your home will be able to access The Ride with one subscription, though if you want multiple profiles you will want to consider adding another subscription for each rider.

The Bike

Indoor cycle specific questions and answers.

Will I have to buy cycling shoes to use The Ride?

No, you don’t need cycling shoes for The Ride. The pedals on the Keiser bikes are dual-sided, you can use the toe-cage with regular workout shoes or clip in on the other side of the pedal using Shimano SPD compatible shoes. You're looking for SH-51, 52, 55 or 56 clips, the shoe brand or style is up to you!

How can I make sure my cycle is fit to me properly?

We have a great YouTube video that shows the process, you can watch the video here. 

The user manual for your cycle will also have detailed set up instructions, you can view and download the English version of the M3 and M3i user manuals at the links below:

M3 User Manual

M3i User Manual

Does it matter where I place the bike in my home?

There are no hard and fast rules here. You should have space on either side of the cycle to safely mount and dismount. Other than that, just make sure you're close enough to have reliable WiFi access if that is how you like to access the content.

What bikes will work with The Ride?

Though the Keiser M3 and M3i are best suited for The Ride, as long as you have access to an indoor cycle you can follow The Ride anywhere you go! Take us to the gym, studio, office, or at home. If you are going to be working out somewhere without WiFi, we recommend you download your favorite workouts first.


Let us know how we're doing!

Can I make a suggestion?

Yes, please! You can send an email to with your suggestion.

I would like to follow The Ride on social media, where do I find you?

Please look for TheRide Live on both Facebook and Instagram! Links are at the bottom of the page as well.

I'm having trouble with The Ride, can someone help me?

Definitely! If you weren't able to find the answer in these FAQs, please send an email to with a description of your issue and your account information.

I love the classes and would like to let my instructor know, how can I do that?

We would love that! On the app, under the "Watch Now" screen you will see a comments section. Please feel free to leave your encouraging comments for your instructor.