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The Ride

Fresno, CA, United States

Commented on Video filter

Jan 30 at 08:04 AM

Hello Tom,

Thank you for your input. When using the phone app, you can easily filter by languages by clicking on the magnifying glass icon located in the top left corner. This will take you to the filter page, where you can swipe to the left to access various filters. Continue swiping until you find the LANGUAGE filter option, which will provide you with the language-specific sorting you need.

Thank you! :) 


Jan 22 at 07:33 AM

Hello Lindsay,

Thanks for your message. If you are on our website, just select RIDES on the top menu.

If it happens you are on our app for phones then select BROWSE at the bottom of this screen. Once you select BROWSE you should be able to see again all the rides.

Let us know if you could manage to get back to the rides.

Thank you! :)


Jan 19 at 02:32 AM

Thanks James!! 🙏💪


Jan 18 at 04:34 AM


Have you had the chance to ride with Sergio, Yadi, and Nicky on the new rides this week? 💪 


Jan 18 at 04:30 AM

Hello Susan, Thanks for your feedback. I passed your feedback to our Digital Content department. 

Have a great day! :) 


Jan 18 at 04:28 AM

Hello Elizabeth, Thanks for your feedback. In the upcoming weeks new brand 30 minutes rides (Rush and Rhythm) will be available at The Ride by Keiser. 

Thanks for your message! :)


Commented on Rider Lluís Noguer

Jan 16 at 02:17 AM

HolaMuchas gracias por vuestros mensajes e interésLluis Noguer ha estado ocupado en otros proyectos relacionados con el ciclismo indoor, esperamos tenerlo muy pronto con nuevas clases en nuestra plataforma


Jan 09 at 08:41 AM

Hi Scott,

Thank you for your question. Currently we do not have the combined feature available. However, it is in the Keiser timeline to complete so that we can all connect with the rides and each other more often.

Thank you again! :)



Jan 08 at 12:34 PM


Hello Riders! We are excited to introduce and welcome you to our newest feature at The Ride called THE RIDE COMMUNITY. Our community will allow you connect with us and others, anytime and anywhere.

Let's connect! 🌍


Jan 02 at 08:47 AM

Feliz 2024 Doris!! 🙏