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December 04, 2023

Please build the ride app and bike app into one. the split screen is annoying.

December 29, 2023

Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but….Is there any chance Keiser can add more 60 minute classes?

April 30

Would love some sessions that are focused on active recovery for my rest days from lifting - more mellow but still active


Amanda Lau is an incredible instructor and it would be great to get new rides since her last new ones were in December. Thank you!

March 08
• Edited (Mar 08, 2024)

Would love some longer rides in English....60min and 90min would be great!

January 25

Perhaps it exists and I can’t find it, but, it would be nice to be able to filter rides by language. Thank you.

October 19, 2023

Buenas tardes!
Hace tiempo que no se publica ninguna sesión nueva con el rider Lluís Noguer. Cuando se publicarán nuevas sesiones con Lluís Noguer?

January 12

I'd like to be able to connect my Keiser M3i to to record Watts.  Currently I am connected to Polar Beat, which sends data, including Heart Rate, to Training Peaks software 

January 25

Consider adding a "More Like This" button. After a favorite ride, click the button and get a list of similar rides from all the instructors. 

Question to everybody :
Which is the harder class you did in THE RIDE ? … you must tell instructor and name of class

Thanks for your opinions !!