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Feb 09 at 08:02 PM

Yaaaayyy congrats to you Melissa! Snarky moms are fun moms :). You will be great! 17 years ago my water broke two hours after teaching a spin class. You’ve got this. Strong girls rock ❤️.



Jan 11 at 01:29 PM

Hi there,
Posting of 30 minute rides in English are minimal. Is 2 a week (new rides) reasonable? I’ve ridden many repeats. Frustrating when this is a paid app. Thank you!

Dec 23 at 09:49 AM

Third time doing this one. ❤️ Would love more 30s from you. Thanks so much!!


Nov 28 at 12:16 PM

Looooove this ride so much. And especially like the Seeker and Servant song. Would be great to see more of this!!


Sep 07 at 12:06 PM

Super playlist and wonderful ride ❤️.


Aug 23 at 06:28 PM

First time taking your class. Loved your style of instruction. Thanks a bunch!


Aug 14 at 07:55 AM

Love your instruction and music and really enjoyed the last hill set. Wasn’t a fan of the longer non-teaching sets. I love that type of set in an in-person class, but found it hard to stay focused in the online format. Thanks as always!


Jul 31 at 08:18 AM

Loooooooved it. Thank you. ❤️


Jun 25 at 03:09 PM

Excellent ride! Loved the cadence hold, in and out of saddle, music was a perfect match on those intervals


Jun 12 at 09:55 AM

Really enjoyed this. So great to have you back Sergio!! It flew by!