Suzanna Settlemyre

Mar 28 at 10:47 AM

Another great ride with you, the race pace was a nice change. I love riding for the physical and mental challenge and feeling the reward afterward, it keeps me coming back. You make US successful, thank you!


Mar 05 at 10:15 AM

Would love some new 45min and 60 min rides by Amanda Lau. She's such a fantastic instructor. 



Jan 24 at 09:26 AM

Amanda Lau is an incredible instructor and it would be great to get new rides since her last new ones were in December. Thank you!


Jan 02 at 07:17 AM

Had hoped to see some New Years rides, or simply some new rides as most spin studios typically offer a way to kick off the new year with enthusiasm. Happy New Year Keiser and thanks for keeping me active!


Thank you. It was a very nice surprise to see a holiday ride with the two of you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, you make it fun to work hard and I'm grateful.

Dec 22 at 03:16 PM

Phew, this was hard but I felt so good afterward. Thanks for the reminder to smile! Great ride heading into the holidays.

Dec 18 at 11:26 AM

Thank you for another great workout. I keep showing up because I feel so good after working hard, I think I'm addicted 😅.

Dec 12 at 11:21 AM

Another great ride. Your encouragement and your reminders about getting stronger and the neuromuscular adaptation that happens keeps me coming back daily. With your help I have improved my FTP significantly with your FTP series, THANK YOU.


Dec 03 at 10:01 AM

Would love to know if Amanda Lau will be adding more rides. She is by far my favorite instructor as she dives into metrics and explains how the body adapts & responds to a variety of physical activities. 

Commented on Compatible HR Monitor

Dec 03 at 09:58 AM

I got the H1 with my Keiser bike. It works.