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December 04

Please build the ride app and bike app into one. the split screen is annoying.

December 03

Would love to know if Amanda Lau will be adding more rides. She is by far my favorite instructor as she dives into metrics and explains how the body adapts & responds to a variety of physical activities. 

August 21
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According to the Keiser website, the Polar H9 and H10 are the recommended compatible HR monitors.  Then I see that the H1 or H7 monitors are compatible. Which is correct?

November 23

We had a halloween themed spinning session

October 19

Buenas tardes!
Hace tiempo que no se publica ninguna sesión nueva con el rider Lluís Noguer. Cuando se publicarán nuevas sesiones con Lluís Noguer?

July 15

I’m a wee bit confused how to get this app all setup with my Keiser bike (which I adore), the MSeries app (which I just installed) & my ultimate goal - connected with Strava.

Any help is much appreciated ⭐️

January 23
• Edited (Jan 23, 2023)

Get ready for the good vibes with the two new Rhythm rides by Lluis Noguer from Mexico and Nicky Lopez from London. Two rides with sensations ranging from challenging, work well down and positive riding energy!  

Experience with Melissa Power the polar opposites of her interval designed ride with 12+ work sets at zone 5 (very hard intensity) combined with zone 2 'easy' recovery sets in just 30 minutes!.

March 27

Our three signature rides, Rush, Rhythm and Race are included in this week's new rides. Our coaches Melisa, Yadi and Nicky do an excellent work as a team to get you connected and experience 3 rides that will make it possible for you to achieve your goals and dreams.

April 19

I just got my Keiser in February. I opted to do Improve Your FTP series with Amanda Lau. I absolutely loved the series and her enthusiasm, but was disappointed that my FTP did not improve at all. I tested before and after completing the series, both times when well rested. Nonetheless, I look forward to doing more rides with Amanda. 

I haven't left comments before so this is a blanket comment. I have never done a ride in the last two years that wasn't anything but superb and inspiring.