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January 03

The Ride is excited to now connect to your Apple Watch!

View your health stats on your watch, use the remote feature to play and pause, plus track, save and share your activity and more.
Simple to get started.

Install the iOS app on your iPhone, and the app is automatically added to your watch. It will be listed in Installed On Apple Watch. If not installed, it's listed in Available Apps. Tap Install to add to your watch.

Are you ready to Ride? A new year. Your bike. Your way. The Ride!

April 19

I just got my Keiser in February. I opted to do Improve Your FTP series with Amanda Lau. I absolutely loved the series and her enthusiasm, but was disappointed that my FTP did not improve at all. I tested before and after completing the series, both times when well rested. Nonetheless, I look forward to doing more rides with Amanda. 

March 08

Might already be on the roadmap. How about a pre ride stretch and warm up video, post ride stretch and cool down, and some behind the scenes about how the rides are made?

Love these rides. 🧡🌟💥

February 14

Two trainers, one ride, double the fun!. Join our special Duo Rides with Shana, Sergio, Jade and Leo. This two 45- minute Ride Race and Ride Rush full of fun and togetherness are great any day when love and working out is in the air. 

Let's go TEAM! Together Each Achieves More!

July 20, 2022

At The Ride by Keiser, we recognize that we all need to start somewhere and choosing to begin you indoor cycling journey with us is the perfect beginning. This beginner series will introduce you slowly and progressively to indoor cycling. The workouts are fun and informative, with the right balance of challenge and "do-ability" for all abilities. Learn and explore 3 new rides each week. Get stronger, fitter and more confident as Lindsay guides and supports you each and every pedal stroke. Let's Ride together!

January 31
• Edited (Jan 31, 2023)

Start the clock and let's train together, fast and efficiently! Join Yadi Rodriguez and Hannah Lewin in the saddle to take on two 30- minute Ride Rush workouts pushing your pace and moving you out your confirm zone.

Amanda Lau will be your “Race Master” this week! From a gradual build to a big finish with tough work sets, you have the tenacity to pedal, sweat, smile and finish to feel the accomplishment of a great workout!

January 23
• Edited (Jan 23, 2023)

Get ready for the good vibes with the two new Rhythm rides by Lluis Noguer from Mexico and Nicky Lopez from London. Two rides with sensations ranging from challenging, work well down and positive riding energy!  

Experience with Melissa Power the polar opposites of her interval designed ride with 12+ work sets at zone 5 (very hard intensity) combined with zone 2 'easy' recovery sets in just 30 minutes!.

December 30, 2022

Did not realize how important accurately assessing your FTP is for getting the most out of these videos. I was a little over confident on my ability…😁That soon changed half way in…

December 14, 2022

The M Series app connects to Strava so any rides done through there are automatically synced. Is that possible in The Ride app?

December 25, 2022

Great idea! The holiday rides were definitely a factor in deciding whether or not to squeeze in a ride during the Christmas chaos. How can you not try a new ride by Keiser the day it drops!? ❤️