Christopher M Swann

Paoli, PA, United States

Mar 03 at 02:25 PM

Tough. Thank you. Will do this again.

Jul 31 at 01:12 PM

Great addition to the ride rhythm series. Thanks, Nicky.

Jul 13 at 01:56 PM

Perfect ride for certain spots in the day. Thanks, Nicky. I'll be doing this one often.

Another great thing about Keiser is the variety in program length, from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.

Jun 26 at 12:11 PM

Great ride. Looking forward to doing it again. Now time to go to water and protien shake.

Jun 25 at 01:55 PM

30 second jumps are tough but good work. Thanks.

Jun 02 at 02:14 PM

Just finished number 2. Looking forward to completing this series.

Jun 02 at 02:12 PM

Awesome program.

May 16 at 02:37 PM

Great ride. Thanks for the encouragement along the way, especially at the end, Hannah.

May 12 at 08:31 PM

Great program. Will repeat this for sure. Sergio is inspiring.

Apr 16 at 01:24 PM

Love it. First repeat.