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Elizabeth Gaboriault

Apr 11 at 02:23 AM

Great warmup before weight training. Great energy and instruction by Lindsay. I didn’t like the first two music tracks and almost scrapped the ride, but I hung in there! Thanks for the ride!

Mar 03 at 05:36 AM

Perfect ride after a 4-mile run 🏃🏼‍♀️ Great calorie burn 🔥 Found myself in the orange a few times, but felt great at the end! Thanks, Lindsay! ❤️
Fantastic ride, Amanda! Lots of intervals, challenging blocks, rockin beats, and a great instructor! Adding to my faves! Thank you! ❤️

Feb 16 at 02:48 AM

Great ride Javan!! Adding this one to my faves ❤️ Thank you!

Jan 12 at 02:47 AM

Just added another ride to my favorites! Super fun and challenging! Great energy as always, Lindsay ❤️ Thank you!

Dec 27 at 05:44 AM

Super fun ride! That last segment was craaaazy! 😅 Thank you, Lindsay!


Dec 25 at 09:11 AM

Great idea! The holiday rides were definitely a factor in deciding whether or not to squeeze in a ride during the Christmas chaos. How can you not try a new ride by Keiser the day it drops!? ❤️

Dec 25 at 09:08 AM

Merry Christmas! 🎄 Fantastic ride, Amanda! Love the holiday rides ❤️

Oct 21 at 02:29 AM

Great ride! Thank you, Sergio! See you soon! 😀👊🏼

Oct 07 at 02:42 AM

Thank you, Melissa! Fun ride! Love your style ❤️