Nov 25 at 08:00 AM

great ride, first one after double heart surgery. Getting back fit over the winter, hopefully ready for the road again.

Jan 29 at 10:47 AM

brilliant ride….😀😀💪💪👍👍

Jan 21 at 07:44 AM

great class thanks

Jan 10 at 09:53 AM

I enjoyed this one….Thanks

Jan 03 at 05:30 AM

great session

Jan 02 at 07:37 AM

Got the FTP I think just right, kept up with all the zones and as close to the RPM as I could. I was done when I got off, with a pool or sweat to clean up. I did not look as cool as you at the end….😁


Dec 30 at 05:08 AM


Did not realize how important accurately assessing your FTP is for getting the most out of these videos. I was a little over confident on my ability…😁That soon changed half way in…